Contributing Backtraces

Something universal about pretty much all software is the fact that it occasionally crashes. The nice thing about open source software is that you can actually do something about it even if you’re not a programmer yourself. You can generate a so-called backtrace, with which you can help developers figure out why their program is crashing.

The following video tutorial demonstrates a crash with Darktable but the tutorial should be applicable to most applications. And don’t worry the crash in the video got fixed minutes after I made the video.

Also, in the video around 3m45s you may want to substitude ‘(gdb) bt’ with ‘(gdb) thread apply all bt full’.

The above video has been recorded at 1280×800, so it’s best viewed fullscreen. If you’re using Firefox to view the video you can just right-click and choose “Full Screen”. Or alternatively you can download the screencast here.