Darktable 0.7 Screencast Library

As some of you may or may not have noticed a new version of Darktable got released two weeks ago. And in the meanwhile I’ve been working on a set of somewhat shorter screencasts which should have good coverage of most features of Darktable and related topics.

So just in time for Sinterklaas I present to you, the Darktable 0.7 Screencast Library. I managed to improve the audio quality, though I sometimes make some silly mistakes. I call lighttable mode, lightroom mode here and there, and I seem to confuse left and right sometimes.

Darktable Installation On Ubuntu (download)

Darktable Lighttable Basics (download)

Darktable Tagging & Collect Plugins (download)

Darktable Darkroom Basics (download)

Darktable Darkroom Black & White Plugins (download)

Darktable Darkroom GND Plugin (download)

Darktable Darkroom Colorzones Plugin (download)

Darktable Darkroom Watermark Plugin (download)

Darktable Working With Styles (download)

Darktable Capture Basics (download)

The above videos have been recorded at 1280×800, so they’re best viewed fullscreen. If you’re using Firefox to view the videos you can just right-click and choose “Full Screen”.